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TRUMP: How To Get Rich Part 5

NEVER GIVE UP: children with handicaps seem to fight for everyday they have been given. When you’re down another day can be another chance. Keep going, keep on trucking. Feed yourself some positive thoughts. Certain people keep going because they stay positive. Lincoln had a lot of faith, he didn’t receive much encouragement. Some people are losers unfortunately, they’re attitude is so low that they are below sea-level.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

READ CARL JUNG:. People become persona’s that they forward in public. In private we are very different people, according to Jung…By not assuming an EGO, you will defeat you opponent…

HAVE AN EGO: It is the centre of our consciousness. Get an EGO, Get a LIFE. No EGO means very little life force. Strive for wholeness. Knowledge is power. Your mind can build castles but make sure the foundation is in place first.