Diminishing Value of Labourers & Their Work

Describing the revolt of the caring classes is David Graeber’s greatest contribution; he called them the “99%.” In this short video, David expands on this theme to suggest there is a quietly brewing problem in western countries; automation is displacing workers and workers have diminishing sense of meaning in their work. Graeber contends that most people have to admit that they don’t actually do ‘anything’ of substance in their “X manager role”. X equals ‘knowledge’ ‘vision’ etc.

So a lot of people actually don’t like what they do and don’t do anything of substance. David blames the ideology of work value. The paradigm for work was the factory worker. Not much has change. entrepreneurs control people who do their bidding. Work is valuable for it’s self (protestant work ethic), work is a virtue; work is supposed to suck in that sense…..If that is so, Graeber asks, what is the value of work, > 2016?

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