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China Is Changing


Understanding Chinese culture will be essential for future development around the world.¬†China’s Yang Lang is a game-changing public figure. In China, transparency is becoming increasingly¬†influential. Microblog is growing in China with millions and millions of bloggers. Recent graduates of universities in China are extremely underpriced, and should consider living abroad to gain a greater market value. Urbanites move back to rural China to help spread new ideas. The income inequality is worse than the US, but unlike the US, there is a strong sense that this inequality is unjust. China is soon to surpass the US at luxury bags even though they are far less affluent. Like Russia, Chinese are becoming obsessed with status: “I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle.” Social justice is the top issue for microbloggers. This is what is happening in China, however Yang Lang does not address the one-child policy which will likely lead to a spike in demand for mail order brides from around the world.