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Winning Is Everything: Abe Lincoln

• Winning is Everything: National crisis must be defeated. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address states that the Copperheads would have made that battle meaningless, that those soldiers would have died for nothing. If the war fails then their campaign is meaningless. Lincoln thought that those dead soldiers would have wanted the Union to continue the fight in order to legitimize their deaths. Bush uses the same argument. Copperheads were greatly influence by the rhetoric in his argument. Lincoln was able to successfully win the 1864 election with the same call to arms. George Bush won in 2004 on the same principles. Winning is everything and is the most powerful driver in people getting involved. Lincoln told Grant that it was appropriate to attack civilians and infrastructure. If people see that you cannot win then they will not ‘waste’ their time helping you. Simple economics, then is that Winning is everything.