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Walt Disney: The Committee Of Minds Is Inferior To The Visionary With The Right Vision

MickeyMouse ThemedDisney was a creative thinker, engineer, project manager and master storyteller. The real way to get entertainment was to have personalities tell a coherent story. A good Disney film always has personalities dealing with various problems. Disney would always lighten-up when describing his characters. Story boarding the entire films was important to Disney; the narrative was built from scratch.

Disney CharactersDisney famously told the entire plot of Snow White to his animator team over a 3-hour session complete with all the voices done by himself. Walt Disney created the blueprint for his films in his head; he even told his nephew the entire story of Pinocchio one evening start to finish. Disney was full of energy and was always thinking of how to build a bigger future for his enterprise. He would fire people on the spot whenever he wanted because he was truly powerful. After Walt Disney died of lung cancer in 1966, the Disney company was at a crossroads regarding how it should move forward.

Black Cauldron FailureLike some many visionaries; up until the renaissance at Disney starting with the Little Mermaid, the Disney company had produced fragmented films. The films subsequent to Walt’s leadership were less successful, Michael Eisner believed this was because the creative process was disjointed because decisions were made in a committee (where ever contribution had to be negotiated in or out of the narrative) rather than by an authoritarian visionary who could veto any idea or person. You need to have an executive creative director who has good judgement. Someone had to be the producer and that relationship was that the producer’s vision is the over-riding vision: it always has to subjugate the others to the final decision maker.

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