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Pharmaceutical Industry – Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges from an MBA perspective

It is easy to dislike any entity that puts a price point on your health, seemingly taking advance of your “inelastic demand” ie. absolute need for their product or service. However, the economic reality (the dismal science) is more nuanced than most consumers can imagine……… We should be able recognize […]

Soviet Union to Russia: Understanding what Russia wants through an Academic Lens

Communism, Post-communism & Nationalism The following are in depth research notes on Communism, Nationalism and Russia from the perspective of both Eastern and Western academic thinkers. Politics, history, psychology are complicated. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the territorial maps were redrawn. Many Russian nationals become minority citizens of new countries […]

How Mainstream Publications Overlook Their Own Weirdness and Just Blame Facebook…

[Disclaimer this is a non-partisan publication] And I am no Facebook apologist, but I thought it was worth raising awareness about the following: [Transcript] Hey, I had to talk about this because I noticed, this morning, something really interesting, and I mean, more interesting than your standard cat video while […]

“Trumpocracy” by David Frum + “How Democracies Die” by Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt

 [David Frum is an ardent ideologue, historian and political scientist. Frum is a Bush era Republican from Canada. The following is in no way supportive of the current US President. Any statement to contrary is intellectually deficient.] Trump’s Business Partnerships: Disassociation between Trump and his commercial interests has not […]

Edwards on Success | UofT Convocation

Murray Edwards Oil an Gas Dry Holes Edwards ( has $100,000 + his savings of $100,000 and started an oil and gas company. He had 10% of a 2 million dollar company (Canadian Natural Resources) When he found no oil in the hole he drilled in Saskatchewan…and found no […]

Citizenville is Directionally Correct, the Messenger is an Old Fogie, Though

Local Government is non-ideological, because it is result oriented. Local government is the solution to the federal and provincial governments in the sense that leadership from that level of government aren’t bound by ideological restrictions. This is the first killer point from Newsom’s book Citizenville; How can we connect to […]

Competitive Advantage ||| Michael Porter’s Five Forces; Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Strategy But Were Afraid to Ask

Types of Competitive Advantage You can be a cost leader (the cost leadership approach) or you can be differentiators in either the broad target or narrow targeted dynamic. Regardless, you will need to focus: a) cost focus or b) differentiation focus. The ultimate road to failure is to be “all […]

The Misguided Conservative Ideal: R.B. Bennett and the Western Canadian Reaction between 1930-1935.

The Misguided Conservative Ideal: R.B. Bennett and the Western Canadian Reaction between 1930-1935. A fair amount of a party’s political success relies on good fortune. Steve Martin the comedian famously that ti……ming….is everything. If this is the case, R.B. Bennett was the most unfortunate Prime Minister in Canadian history. This […]

Walt Disney: Departmentalize By Perceived Skills (back then gender was a proxy) / Furnish Your Personal Brand

  Lesson: Departmentalize Perceived Capabilities By Gender & Exploit Menial Labour? Oh My: Speaking from a place of white privilege (real and imagined), I can say this letter is unacceptable by today’s standards obviously. Disney was only training young men? Taking a step back, the above letter is appalling and […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Risk/Reward & Predicting Cash-Flow

Risk and Reward/Predicting Cash-Flow: Investors think as much about risk as they do reward. Most people tie their investments to resources, expecting them to grow, and with it, their own rewards. Where rewards are expressed in percentage growth, risks are harder to characterize. Guessing a company’s future cash-flow involves looking […]

Mecca Has Many Hotels

What’s The Deal With Mecca | Everything Your Wanted To Know About This Holy City But Were Afraid To Ask

Why I Wrote This Article I think it’s important to learn about different cultures, religions and cities because learning has the effect (I believe) of enlightening and strengthening the mind. Understanding the perspectives of others helps you understand who you yourself actually are. Intellectually closed-minded people are quite powerful in society (occum’s razor […]

The classic Mickey Mouse Head

Walt Disney: The Committee Of Minds Is Inferior To The Visionary With The Right Vision

Disney was a creative thinker, engineer, project manager and master storyteller. The real way to get entertainment was to have personalities tell a coherent story. A good Disney film always has personalities dealing with various problems. Disney would always lighten-up when describing his characters. Story boarding the entire films was important […]

Smart Beta Explained

Matt: What is smart beta? Well, a really simple answer is it’s a combination of alpha and beta. It’s a combination of active strategy and passive strategy. What does that actually mean? Let’s boil it down a bit further. You’ve got, on the alpha side, alpha chasers who are fund managers. […]

Yes, Chinese Entrepreneurs are Innovative with Space Exporation On The Mind, Too #ChineseInnovations #ElonMuskIsNotSoSmart

The folks used to say Chinese people simply flout copyright laws by stealing western intellectual property, that is still partially true. However, not ALL Chinese entrepreneurs simply copy Western companies and content. Take Ruopeng Liu for example. His company is using helium to get into low levels of space which […]

How to Bootstrap Your Startup

PRESENTS By Paul Grant & Matt Arnot Original set publish date: December, 2011 Paul Grant started coaching with events on topics like how to raise funding based on his experience as an entrepreneur having founded a London based company through private equity and debt finance. The company offered London-wide catering to […]

Kristo Käärmann explains TransferWise | One of the Best Ways to Transfer Money Abroad

The above film centres on Kristo Käärmann who co-founded TransferWise. Key Points from Kristo Käärmann | TransferWise: TransferWise makes international transfers super cheap by having reserves in both sides of the transaction rather than doing what institutions do; Banks can’t reduce their rates now in Kristo’s opinion because then those rate […]

Is Chinese Shadow Lending A Problem?

The charcoal smeared faces of generations huddled around communal chimneys has given way to a diligent youth globe trotting with the promise of economic opportunity unparalleled  since the expansive growth of the American baby-boomer. The shimmering lights of Shanghai shine outwardly despite a nationalist protectionism that, of course, only the Chinese-themselves can enjoy. It’s […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: An MBA Is About Taking Control

MBA = Taking Control: Business school is about gaining control of your financial future. HBS believes that their experience training can also be applied to other spheres- politics, education, health care, the arts. Business culture is pervasive so learn it from within. Case Studies Are A Learning Device: The entire HBS curriculum is built on […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: With Money Comes Freedom, Entrepreneurs and When Pitching To A VC

With Money Comes Freedom: Business and government can work together. You can come from business, and move into government ie. Mitt Romney, or work in government and transition into business ie. Japanese civil servant system. In order to be successful in business/government ventures, David Rubenstein believes that you should be: a) […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Negotiations 101, Leverage and Debt Theory

Negotiations 101: the fundamentals begin with discussing ethics followed by the basic analytical tools of negotiations. The negotiator often tries to misled his opponent but the risk of unethical negotiations is a bad reputation. Bluffing is fine in negotiations. The sophistication of the parties is also relevant. Selling a complicated […]

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Walmart / Proctor and Gamble’s Competitive Advantage

Walmart’s Success: The goal of sustainable competitive advantage is to develop and integrate a consistent set of mutually reinforcing activities. You want to build up a business that cannot fail over time because of the momentum moving in support of it. Walmart is not successful because of its low costs […]

Myers Briggs Test

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: is based on Carl Jung’s psychological theory, and looks at possible psychological types, and consequences. People’s minds are always perceiving, taking in information, judging, and processing information. There are two different ways of perceiving: Sensation, and Intuition. Sensing is practical, intuition is imaginative, and Judging is about thinking, […]

Bill Gates & Elon Musk In China

This presentation is quite interesting from a variety of perspectives. Most controversial on China versus US governments, Bill Gates basically described an experimental-led model for western democracy over the existing adversarial model of western democracy….testing in business should be applied to government…kind of obvious but I don’t see the political […]

John Cleese On Humour

John Cleese On Humour: Humour is much more subjective. The rules of film comedy have changed because the market for films is completely shaped by the target audience NOT by the vision.  The internal logic must be maintained in any given sketch or else it doesn’t work….these are the kinds […]

John Cleese On Creativity

John Cleese on Creativity; What creativity isn’t; The close mode; The open mode; Getting into the open mode; Time; Avoiding rushed solutions; Confidence; Humour. John Cleese on Creativity: You need to study creativity in order to become creative. It isn’t innate, it’s learned. Studying creativity is quite fascinating. The sort […]

Real time translation by Microsoft via Skype

Universal Translator

Star Trek’s Universal Translator is on its way to be being marketed to the masses. There are huge companies with immense resources working on solving on of the most difficult problem. Also note how the US audience is skeptical of the German lady. London does have amazing Indian cuisine. But you […]

Horses stabbed and the Art of Illustration

The Art Of Illustration

Steve: What I find most interesting about illustration is the direct relationship that you have with your audience. Molly: I have always used my work to explore places and people that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Sean: A lot of people sort of look down on comics and art, […]

Operations Management IT in Chrysler

Lessons from a Masters In Business Administration: Technology and Operations Management

Technology and Operations Management: the Benihana chain in Japan deconstructed the mechanics for a restaurant chain focused on unique customer experiences. Benihana’s innovation was a highly profitable one. Chefs prepare the food at the table, which allows the company to save on kitchen space, while customers were rotated in and […]

Write Every Day

Kurt Vonnegut talks about writing every day, depression experience, US anti-scientific minds. Good advice that matters. The First Gulf War is one of the topics Kurt Vonnegut discusses on set with Michael Atwood in this interview from 1991. This is the second of four sections of the interview. This interview originally […]

Graphene The Super Material

Please include attribution to with this graphic. This is a very interesting look into the development of Graphene, a material that is extremely strong and thus has many potential uses in manufacturing. Our great grandchildren may use a graphene-based elevator in order to travel outside of earth’s orbit, for […]

Face Painting Stories

This is some nifty face art, stop-motion work from Emma Allan, a London-based artist, animator and body painter Emma Allen who depicts the cycle of reincarnation using face paint. Allen made the 75-second piece over a period of five days by painting and photographing her own face.